Cooking Table

Grill Cooker - Black Water Boat Works We build a sturdy deep fry and grilling table for use in combination with our low country boil cookers or by itself. The top is 18" by 42" with one or two burners, either together or one at each end. A 12" expanded metal work surface (27" with only one burner) is included. The legs are 1" 14-gauge square tubing and are removable and foldable for transport. Height is 30" so that with a 16-qt cast iron deep fry pot, the working height is 36'. Each cooking grate is 15" wide by 18" deep.

A steel or cast iron griddle can also be used. A wok ring can be installed in the burner grate so that a 14" cast iron wok can be used. Burners are either 170,000 BTU high pressure or 70,000 BTU 10 psi low pressure. The cooker shown is a fixed leg version of our portable cooker. It was built extra heavy for use by workers picking blueberries in season.

Cooking Table - 18" x 42" x 30" - Dual burner - $375.00      

Cooking Table - 18" x 42" x 30" - Single burner - $325.00